The Earl of Pembroke

As part of Seafair Haven 2014, David Lort-Phillips from the HMS Beagle Project organised for the Earl of Pembroke to visit Pembrokeshire.  Thanks to sponsorship from the Bluestone Foundation we were able to take a group of students on to this magnificent vessel for a sail around the Milford Haven Waterway and out past St Ann's Head. (more…)
Earl feature


Marine Fun Day

Thursday 14th August 2014: Marine Fun Day – Dale

We once again teamed up with the crew from Dale Fort Field Studies Centre for a marine themed fun day.  The day started with a snorkelling session from Castle beach with snorkel leaders Kim and Amy from Dale FSC.  After lunch we headed down to Dale beach for some rock pooling and push netting! We saw a vast variety of creatures which included Leathery sea squirts (Styela clava), Peacock worms (Sabella pavonina), several different species of crab and fish and one very slimy Lugworm (Arenicola marina).

Snorkelling 14.08.2014Rock pooling 14.08.2014


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Exploring the preselis 22.08.2014

Life Sciences Challenge 2014

Tuesday 15th July 2014: Life Sciences Challenge 2014 at Pembrokeshire College

Life Sciences Challenge 15.07.2014

Thanks to Pembrokeshire College we hosted the Pembrokeshire Heats of the Life Sciences Challenge 2014.  This quiz was designed and delivered by PhD students and early career researchers from Cardiff University.  Teams were made of 4 keen pupils from local secondary schools.  Milford Haven School had 2 teams, Greenhill School 1 team, Ysgol Dewi Sant 2 teams, Castle School 1 team and Ysgol y Preseli 2 teams.  All 32 participants sat a short written test.  The scores of which were accumulated to give their team an overall score.  The top scoring 4 teams progressed to round 1.  Both teams from Ysgol y Preseli qualified as did Greenhill and Castle.  All 4 teams did really well and demonstrated a depth of knowledge but Team Morgan from Ysgol y Preseli won their round against Castle School and Team Meic from Ysgol y Preseli won their round against Greenhill School.  So the final round of the day consisted of both teams from Ysgol y Preseli.  Team Meic Vs Team Morgan!  It was a close game but Team Morgan won and they will now compete in the semi-finals in Cardiff on September 9th!  Congratulations to Team Morgan and well done to all of the students that participated.



Science Aglow

Friday 11th July 2014: Science Aglow – Merlin Theatre, Pembrokeshire College

Cycle power Energy In Education

We had a great Science Aglow event in the Merlin Theatre with pupils from Haverfordwest VC, Fenton, St Aiden’s and Ysgol y Frenni.  As the Pembrokeshire representatives of the British Science Association we put on this event twice a year and invite four schools to each.  The schools take part in a round robin of workshops before presenting their science project to the Darwin team.

Tim Brew Energy In Education  Zoe from Keep Wales Tidy

The workshop providers were Tim Brew from Energy in Education who delivered sessions on renewable energy; Zoe from Keep Wales Tidy who looked at marine litter and its associated problems and Ginny and Russ from Silent World To You who brought in their fantastic selections of reptiles and creepy crawlies.

Dinner time  Ginny & Russ Silent World To YouHaverfordwest VC  Ysgol y FrenniBlisters from the cold  I'm a student get me out of here

After lunch everyone returned to the Merlin Theatre for the finale- An interactive science show with presenter Huw James.  Huw showed us the technologies used to survive out in the wilderness, this included a bug eating session!  Pupils from Ysgol y Frenni blasted one of their classmates with a leaf blower and sprayed him with water to test out a weatherproof jacket.

Testing a weatherproof coat  Science Aglow 11.07.2014

Thanks to all of the schools for coming along with their science projects and to all of the workshop providers and Huw for making the day such a success.

Wednesday 9th July 2014: Rock pooling and push netting with Ysgol Ger y Llan at St Brides Haven

rockpooling 09.07.2014

Colby Woodland Gardens

Tuesday 9th July 2014: Colby Woodland Gardens with Stackpole, Orielton and Angle

Colby 08.07.2014

Welston Challenge 2014

Monday 7th July 2014: The Welston Challenge

Year 3 from St Florence, Manorbier and Sageston compete against each other in an annual competition held at Welston Court Science Centre in Milton.  Welston Court belongs to Professor Tony Campbell – the founder of the Darwin Centre.  Each year he invites the 3 most local schools to Welston to take part in a round robin of activities.  Throughout the day the children are observed by Darwin Centre staff who then have to make a difficult decision and pick the overall winner.

St Florence in the Lab Deep sea fish

The pupils visit the laboratory where they explore microscopic pond life with Professor Campbell and life in the deep sea with Sam.

Sageston & Tony Pond dipping with Sageston

Little Tony takes them on a tour of the woodlands around Welston where they hide under the Gunnera plants and learn about stinging nettles and how to touch them!

Peter Brown explores the pond with them and conducts a Newt survey.  This year someone fell in the pond – surprisingly this was the first time that it has ever happened!

Manorbier Manorbier presenting St Florence with the trophy

This year’s winner was St Florence School! They were presented their trophy by Manorbier School who won the challenge last year!
The winners so far:

2007 – Manorbier

2008 – Sageston

2009 – St Florence

2010 – Sageston

2011 – Sageston

2012 – St Florence

2013 – Manorbier

2014 – St Florence

Pembrokeshire Fish Week 2014

Pembrokeshire Fish Week: Saturday 28th June – Sunday 6th July.

Saturday 28th June: Open day at Milford Haven Marina

Open day - Gemma & Marten  Open day - art on display

Our volunteer Gemma Williams appreciated Marten’s dance moves!


Monday 30th June: Netting the shallows at Swallow Tree Gardens, Saundersfoot

Swallow Tree Gardens - examining the catch  Swallow Tree Gardens - seine netting

Swallow Tree Gardens - flatties  Swallow Tree Gardens - push netting

Another lovely sunny day at Swallow Tree Gardens in Saundersfoot and another great catch in the seine net – 5 little cuttlefish and 3 species of flatfish.


Tuesday 1st July: Extreme rock pooling with Thousand Island Expeditions

Extreme rock pooling - crustaceans  Extreme rock pooling - small spotted catshark

Extreme rock pooling - Thousand Island Expeditions  Extreme rock pooling - Ysgol Dewi Sant

10 Year 9 pupils from Ysgol Dewi Sant were lucky enough to spend an hour extreme rock pooling with the team from Thousand Island Expeditions.  They explored the coast around Ramsey Island and had a look at what lurked in submerged pots.  They had close up views of a Small Spotted Catshark, Edible Crabs, Velvet Swimming Crabs and Common Lobsters.


Wednesday 2nd July: The Wonderful Birds of Skomer with Dale Sailing and wildlife guide John Archer Thompson

Wonderful birds of Skomer - Atlantic Puffin  Wonderful birds of Skomer - Gannet

Wonderful birds of Skomer - Guillemots  Wonderful birds of Skomer - John Archer Thompson

Wonderful birds of Skomer- Puffins  Wonderful birds of Skomer - happy customers


Thursday 3rd July: A guided walk on Ramsey with Lisa and Amy from the RSPB

Ramsey - Amy & puffin  Ramsey - Amy RSPB

Ramsey - bird burrow  Ramsey - bird watching

Ramsey - briefing  Ramsey - looking at bird colonies

Ramsey - warden's house  Ramsey


Friday 4th July: Glow Worms with Professor Tony Campbell

Glow Worms  Welston Court

On Friday evening we went to Welston Court Science Centre in Milton for an evening of bioluminescence and glow worms.  After a talk from Professor Campbell we all headed to Freshwater East to hunt for glow worms and to look for bioluminescent dinoflagellates in the tide.  We were lucky enough to find several female glow worms and one mating pair!


Sunday 6th July: Seine Netting & Art – Saundersfoot Harbour

For the final day of Pembrokeshire Fish Week 2014 we spent the afternoon in Saundersfoot for the Saundersfoot Harbour Festival.  We teamed up with local artist Barry John and his VC Gallery crew for some seine netting in the shallows followed by an art session making huge sand sculptures of animals from the sea.

Seine netting catch  Beach art

We had a fantastic week and we’re already looking forward to Pembrokeshire Fish Week 2015.







Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm

Friday 27th June 2014: Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm with Ysgol Glannau Gwaun

Dr Beynon's Bug Farm  Dr Beynon offering Grasshoppers

Dr Sarah Beynon invited us down to her farm with Ysgol Glannau Gwaun for a day filled with bug related activities.  Glannau Gwaun were the first EVER school to explore the farm!

Freshwater sampling  Close up

Sarah took the pupils to search for local dung beetles before showing them her collection of tropical invertebrates.

Grasshoppers  Looking at dung beetles

At lunch time we were treated to some grasshoppers that had been cooked in some chilli – they were super tasty.  Surprisingly the majority of the class were keen to taste them, some even had seconds.

Millipede  Mr. Williams snacking on a grasshopper Pond dipping team  Tadpole

The class braved the rain and explored the stream running through the farm with kick sampling nets.  They caught several male Sticklebacks in breeding colouration and lots of different invertebrates.  We headed along the stream until it became deeper and much more pond like, here we found tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs and diving beetles.

What have we caught  Kick sampling

Clare Flynn had the pupils searching for woolly caterpillars in amongst the hedge rows to get them thinking about camouflage colouration used by insects.  Most of the woolly caterpillars found were blue with the browns, yellows and greens found less often.  Every one got absolutely soaked but they still had a fantastic time and they even sang us a song at the end of the day as a thank-you!


Neyland Inclusion Centre

Thursday 26th June 2014: Rock pooling and seine netting on Amroth beach followed by pond dipping and kick sampling at Colby Woodland Gardens with pupils from the Neyland Inclusion Centre.

Neyland PRU 26.06.2014