Science Aglow – NSEW 2014

Friday 21st March: Pupils from Fenton, St Florence, St Mark's and Johnston attended our Science Aglow event at Pembrokeshire College as part of National Science & Engineering Week 2014. (more…)
Science Aglow 21.03.2014


Value Independence

Wednesday 16th April 2014: Value Independence.

Today we continued our work with Barry John and the VC Gallery team thanks to funding from the Bluestone Foundation.  The aim of the project is to explore science and art and to create a piece of art to be displayed at the launch of Pembrokeshire Fish Week on Saturday 28th June.


Value Independence came with us down to Goodwick for a seine netting session.  After examining the catch we headed back to their base in Little Newcastle for an art workshop with Barry John and the rest of the VC Gallery team.  They started out with a sketch and then progressed to a  canvas painting before finishing with a tile painting.  Once again the art was absolutely brilliant and we are all eager to see the finished masterpiece at Fish Week.

Monday 14th April 2014: Action For Children – Dale

Thanks to funding from the Bluestone Foundation we were able to team up with Barry John MBE and his VC Gallery team to deliver a day of science and art activities for Action For Children.

The Gann Estuary  Rocklings, worm pipe fish & butterfish

The morning consisted of seine netting in the Gann Estuary near Dale where we caught lots of gobies and common shore crabs.  We were lucky enough to watch a crab climb out of it’s shell!  Before leaving the Gann the children were able to tell the difference between a male and female crab and explain how the crabs grow.  After a short drive we arrived at Dale beach for rock pooling, seine netting and push netting.  The undersides of rocks were buzzing with rocklings, worm pipefish and butter fish! Not to mention the hoards of common shore crabs.

Worm pipefish  Painting with acrylics

Inital ideas  Tile painting

After lunch on the beach we made our way up to Dale Fort Field Studies Centre who kindly let us use their site which has fantastic views to inspire landscape art.  Barry and his team started their art session in the classroom where the children had to think about what they had seen over the course of the morning.  On a large sheet of paper the sketched something they remembered from the mornings session, whether it was a favourite view, animal or person.  After this initial sketch it was time to transfer it onto a tile with acrylic paint.

Bluestone foundation - art for fish week  Barry John MBE

After they had mastered the acrylics we headed out of the classroom and onto the decking to paint the landscape view on to a canvas.  All of the drawings and painting created by the children were fantastic.  The tiles and canvas painting will be used alongside work from other groups to create a huge piece of art work for Fish Week open day on Saturday 28th June down on Milford Haven Marina.

Canvas creations  Dale Fort FSC

The next group to participate in these science and art workshops will be Value Independence on Wednesday.  We will be taking them to Goodwick for a seine netting session and then back to Little Newcastle for the art with Barry and his VC Gallery team.



Castle School @ Hilton Court

Tuesday 8th April 2014: Castle School Year 8 – Hilton Court Gardens & Crafts.

Castle School spent the morning with us at Hilton Court.  We explored their ponds and collected creatures to take up to the amazing Squirrel Lodge for a closer look at them under the microscope before setting them free.

Castle school at Hilton Court

Materials with Ysgol Cilgerran

Friday 4th April 2014: Ysgol Cilgerran Year 5 & 6

Cilgerrran - Materials

We spent the day at Cilgerran investigating different materials with their year 5 & 6 pupils.  They carried out a float or sink challenge as well as a boat building investigation.  The classroom was rather wet by the end of the day!

Wednesday 2nd April 2014: St Teilo’s School

St Teilo’s has signed up to be a Pembrokeshire Outdoor School and they have chosen Tenby North Beach as their outdoor area.  So we brought our buckets and nets to the beach to meet their nursery class for some rock pooling and seine netting.  They all had a set of brilliant waterproofs and got stuck in!

St Teilos

St Catherine’s Island – Tenby

Wednesday 2nd April 2014: St Catherine’s Island.

We had a great meeting with the guys from St Catherine’s Island and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.

St Catherine's Island

Exploring the Milford Haven Waterway

Tuesday 1st April 2014: Hubberston & Coastland’s year 6

The Port of Milford Haven have sponsored a series of events in which we take their local primary schools to explore the Milford Haven Waterway with local Geologist Sid Howells.  The trip starts at Blackpool Mill which is the tidal limit of the Eastern Cleddau.  We then follow the waterway to Carew Tidal Mill followed by the Cleddau Bridge.  After exploring the physicality of the waterway the pupils then have the opportunity to explore its biology at Gelliswick Bay where they participate in rock pooling and seine netting.  Our final stop is the Port of Milford Haven where they watch a short film all about the Port (with squash and biscuits).  This is then followed by a guided tour of the marina and dockyards with Port staff.

Coastlands & Hubberston MHPA

Friday 28th March 2014: St Aidan’s School year 6 – St Brides Haven

Pupils from St Aidan’s joined us for a rock pooling and filming session on St Brides Haven.  Dave Whelton was filming a tourism video for Pembrokeshire County Council and they wanted to use clips from a rock pooling session with the Darwin Centre’s Marten Lewis.

At Aidan's 28.03.2014

After rock pooling we went back to their classroom for a follow up workshop on plankton and food chains.  The pupils examined locally caught plankton under the microscope as well as random objects including scabs and pencil sharpeners.

Science Aglow – NSEW 2014

Friday 21st March:

Pupils from Fenton, St Florence, St Mark’s and Johnston attended our Science Aglow event at Pembrokeshire College as part of National Science & Engineering Week 2014.


Thursday 20th March 2014: Public lecture.

The dark side  The nephron

After delivering a lecture during the day for Pembrokeshire’s Seconday School students, Professor Robert Unwin from UCL stayed on to give a lecture to the public on drug discovery.  This lecture was the most fascinating one we have hosted, so fascinating that he received so many questions we over ran and we had to leave before security kicked us out.