Beating Cancer Sooner In Wales

We teamed up with Cancer Research UK Cardiff Centre to bring the largest Cancer Research UK event in Wales to the Merlin Theatre in Pembrokeshire College. (more…)
Beating Cancer Sooner


Tuesday 3rd March 2015: Cleddau Reach Year 6 at Lydstep Haven.

Pupils from Cleddau Reach were our first rock pooling session of 2015 and they found lots of creatures! 7 different species of crabs and 4 different fish not to mention lots of different marine snails, sea squirts and sponge.

Cleddau Reach 03.03.2015


Beating Cancer Sooner In Wales

We teamed up with Cancer Research UK Cardiff Centre to bring the largest Cancer Research UK event in Wales to the Merlin Theatre in Pembrokeshire College.


public gene therapy lecture 20.03.2015


To celebrate British Science Week 2015 we will be bringing Dr Simon Waddington from University College London to Pembrokeshire College on Friday 20th March (6:30pm – 8:00pm) to tell us about his research into gene therapy.  For a sneak peak of his research have a look at this short film on you tube!

Pembrokeshire College STEM Club

Tuesday 24th February 2015: Tidal Energy ltd with Pembrokeshire College students.


We took seven keen STEM students from Pembrokeshire College to meet Clive from Tidal Energy ltd.  He gave them a presentation on the DeltaStream Tidal Energy Demonstration Project before showing them the device that is on the quay in Pembroke Dock.  Tidal Energy ltd are waiting for suitable weather and tidal conditions to place the device into Ramsey Sound – fingers crossed for the end of March!  Gareth from radio Pembrokeshire also came along to interview Marten, Clive and one of the students Ben.

Tidal Energy ltd Part Two

Friday 13th February 2015: The Tidal Energy ltd installation site at St Justinian’s with Ysgol Dewi Sant.

10 pupils from Ysgol Dewi Sant whom we will be working with regularly over the next two years joined us at St Justinian’s to meet Clive from Tidal Energy ltd.  These pupils saw the DeltaStream tidal turbine last week in Pembroke dock, this visit was to show them the test site; the control rooms and how the energy will be taken from the turbine to the grid (and all of the steps in between).


After the visit to St Justinian’s we set up a workshop back in the classroom with Tim Brew.  Tim brought along his shake powered torches his bike which the pupils used to power light bulbs.  After making notes on what they had learnt from Clive earlier on in the day they all got  stuck into a wind turbine investigation.  They discussed how to make it a fair test and made a prediction on what they thought the outcome of the investigation would be.  They then tested their predictions by measuring  the number of volts produced by their wind turbines when they changed the length and width of the blades.


workshop 13.02.2015

The Darwin Experience & SW2U

Monday 9th – Wednesday 11th February 2015: Ysgol Eglwyswrw, Ysgol Llandudoch & Ysgol Clydau at the Ocean Lab in Goodwick.

SW2U & Darwin @ Ocean Lab

The Sea Trust in the Ocean Lab in Goodwick kindly let us use their fantastic space which meant we could team up with  Ginny and Russ from Silent World To You (SW2U) to deliver a day of activities based on adaptations and numeracy.

The classes were split into two, half went with Ginny and Russ to learn about their exotic animals, their adaptations and what they like to eat before having a handling session.

The other half were with the us and we taught them how to take measurements using vernier callipers.  Once they had the hang of it we ventured outside to do some push netting to catch different creatures to measure.  Once back indoors the pupils measured 5 different things that they had caught.  The measurements were recorded in a table along with the adaptations of the animal/seaweed that they had measured.

At lunch time the groups swapped over so each pupil had their own data set to take back to school to carry out follow up work with their teachers.

Tidal Energy ltd

Friday 6th February 2015: Tidal Energy ltd DeltaStream with Ysgol Dewi Sant


Ysgol Dewi Sant were lucky enough to see the DeltaStream Tidal Energy demonstration project before it is placed in Ramsey Sound.  Clive from Tidal Energy gave a fantastic presentation on the project which was followed by a tour of the turbine with Clive and fellow Tidal Energy ltd team member Alex.  This tidal stream turbine to be placed in Ramsey sound will be Wales’ first consented tidal energy test site!  The device is 20 metres tall and will be placed at a depth of 32 metres.  It weighs 130 tonnes, once on the seabed two ballast weights will be added each weighing 35 tonnes.  The total structure will weigh 200 tonnes.  Tidal Energy ltd hope to put the turbine into the Sound during later March 2015.


Geology & Art

Thursday 5th February 2015: The Strumble Peninsula with Geologist Sid Howells and the VC Gallery


We teamed up with local Geologist Sid Howells and the VC Gallery for a day exploring the Strumble Peninsula.  The VC Gallery team used geological features pointed out by Sid to inspire their art work.

Tuesday 3rd February 2015:  Year 3&4 from St Florence School explore their school grounds.


River Sampling

Monday 26th January 2015: River sampling with A2 students from Environmental Studies at Pembrokeshire College

River sampling 26.01.2015