Research Discovery


Research Discovery

 Thanks to funding from The Waterloo Foundation The Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine is offering exciting opportunities to school pupils aged 14 and over to attend free workshops at its research laboratory in Milford Haven from September 2019 – September 2021. The exact content of workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your pupils. 

Living Light:

The biochemistry behind how marine creatures light up. Pupils can learn how these same reactions are used in medicine. The workshop can be tailored to cover particular areas of the biology syllabus including; Classification, Ecosystems, genetic engineering, ATP, enzymes, protein structure and different types of microscope. Practical work can include using microscopes to identify different marine species in the Milford Haven waterway, and or marine sampling at Milford marina. 


Presented by Dr Stephanie Matthews and Prof Anthony Campbell. Experiments to investigate microplastics in our clothes and seawater. Includes microscopic examination of fibres. Can include the general impact of plastics on marine life and a revision of the basic parts of a microscope. 

Natural Selection; Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace:

Presented by Prof Ken Wann or Dr Valerie Morse from Cardiff University. Includes demonstrations, quiz and a display of information on Wallace from the national museum of Wales. 

COMING SOON IN 2020! Workshops on: Careers in Pharmacy, Medicine and Engineering.

Our research lab has passed a health and safety audit and all activities have been risk assessed. A qualified first aider will be present at all sessions. The project runs until end of September 2021 and also includes the chance to correspond with international scientists, conduct individual investigations and attend marine research days. 

For further information or to book a workshop for your students please contact Dr Valerie Morse on: