The British Science Association is a registered charity that exists to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering in the UK.  The Darwin Centre is currently the Pembrokeshire Twig of the BSA with the aim of becoming the West Wales branch.

Car powered by super capacitor  CREST Awards 2013  CREST Awards July 2013

Renewable Energy 2013  Team work 2013  Renewable Energy - Bronze CREST in a day 2013

If you are interested in helping the Darwin Centre and the BSA to inspire young people then you should become a STEM Ambassador through STEMNET.

STEMNET creates opportunities to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  Once you are a STEM Ambassador not only will be able to volunteer with the Darwin Centre you will also receive email updates of upcoming events in your area which requires the help of a STEM Ambassador.  It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in STEM.  They will carry out a CRB check and you will be covered by their insurance when you are out on events (providing you have registered the event with them first).  Click on the STEM Ambassador link to register or click on the STEMNET link to find out more.

Whilst your STEM Ambassador application form is being processed contact us at the Darwin Centre to find out about available volunteering opportunities.

Cardiff University Life Sciences Challenge -Team Morgan & Team Meic - Ysgol y Preseli  Ysgol y Preseli semi-final Life Sciences Challenge  Professor Tony Campbell - STEMFEST

Bioluminescent animals in jars - STEMFEST  Bioluminescent dome - STEMFEST  Dr Valerie Morse - STEMFEST

BSA Pembrokeshire Committee Members

Chairman: Professor Tony Campbell

Email: campbellak@Cardiff.ac.uk


Treasurer: Marten Lewis

Email: m.b.lewis@pembrokeshire.ac.uk

Telephone: 01437 753193


Secretary: Samantha Williams

Email: samw@pembrokeshire.ac.uk

Telephone: 01437 753196