The Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine was established by Professor Anthony (Tony) Campbell in Cardiff in 1993. It moved to Pembrokeshire in 1999, in anticipation of the Millennium Festival.

The Pembrokeshire Darwin Science Festival was created in 2000 as a product of its parent organisation, The Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine. The Darwin Centre was established in Cardiff in 1993 to increase the public understanding of science and health, through a number of programmes. The Festival was launched in Pembrokeshire and has developed strong links with local and regional organisations. Its annual programme is designed to engage people with both applied and theoretical science by exciting their curiosity and enabling them to make discoveries:

  • Educational programme for schools that links with the National Curriculum in Wales:
    • Road shows of hands-on science taken into schools
    • Investigative science projects leading to CREST awards for science
    • Post-16 lectures
  • Community science programme
    • A life long learning programme targeted at people in areas of social exclusion and rural remoteness
    • Field events, workshops and projects leading to CREST awards for science.
    • Field events throughout the spring and summer
    • Interactive family days
    • Public lectures on cutting edge science by visiting national and international scientist
    • Scientific conferences for scientists, teachers, students, and members of the public

The Darwin Centre is based in Pembrokeshire College, and has laboratory and seminar facilities at Milford Haven Docks.